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Super Junction MOSFET Market Analysis - Anticipated At USD 2.22 Billion By 2020

The super junction MOSFET market is witnessing considerable growth at present. It is likely to expand to around USD 2.2 billion by 2020. This is on account of increasing demand for effective energy and rising focus towards renewable energy. Super junction MOSFET offers important features. For Market Research Report on “Super Junction MOSFET Market” Visit - These are high performance, low heat dissipation, low power consumption reliability and high switching frequency. These features augur well for the super junction MOSFET market and drive it further. However, huge costs of production and high competition from other technologies are the major restraining factors for the market. The super junction MOSFET market can be sliced into technologies, packaging & materials, applications and geographies. The market, on the basis of technologies, can be segregated into deep trench technology, analysis of manufacturing technology, multiple epitaxy technology and conventional power MOSFET. The super junction MOSFET market, on the basis of packaging & materials, can be split into new fabrication technology and materials in super junction MOSFET. New fabrication technology can be further subdivided into power flat packaging and power module packaging services. Materials in super junction MOSFET include electrode materials, electrodes and oxide /transition layers. The applications market can be categorized into display applications, lightning applications, EV/HEV supplies, industrial applications and power supply applications. Geographically, the super junction MOSFET market can be split into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW (rest of the world). Asia Pacific is anticipated to lead the market on account of large plants in India, Japan and China. Increasing sector of automotives and rising production of PV inverters in China are expected to boost the super junction MOSFET market further. Super Junction MOSFET Market Analysis Information Source: Grand View Research