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Semiconductor Packaging Materials Market Analysis - Likely At USD 26 Million By 2019

The semiconductor packaging materials market is predicted to attain revenue worth about USD 26 million by 2019. It is expected to increase at around 4.5 percent CAGR from 2014 to 2019. This period marks the forecast phase of the market and notices expansion. Semiconductor packaging materials are well acknowledged for saving electronic constituents from oxidation, outer impact and others. These materials are utilized, alongside high-tech packaging procedures for the packaging of incorporated circuits and semiconductors. Increased demand for the semiconductor packaging materials market owes to escalating consciousness of capability towards decreasing the ratio of cement to water. With augmenting demand for electronic parts, the semiconductor packaging materials market is also projected to experience expansion in the years ahead. These materials of this market are accessible across the world and are purpose-specific. The semiconductor packaging materials market is divided on the basis of three categories. These include packaging technologies, kinds and geographies. The various packaging technologies are GA, SOP, DFN, QFN, DIP, QFP and others. The kinds sector is segmented into bonding wires, organic substrates, leadframes, ceramic packages, encapsulation resins, die attach materials, solder balls, thermal interface materials, and others. The geographies semiconductor packaging materials market is fragmented into four regions. These are Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and rest of the world. Asia Pacific leaded the worldwide market in 2013. It is estimated to maintain same position through the forecast phase. The region is anticipated to rise at about 5 percent CAGR during the same. The rest of the world region is predicted to be the most quickly expanding semiconductor packaging materials market. North America and Europe are likely to grow slowly. Information Source: Hexa Research