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Renal Denervation Devices Market Analysis - Observing Growth At 41.3% CAGR By 2020

The renal denervation devices market is likely to witness expansion at around 41.3 percent CAGR by 2020. Demand for renal denervation devices owes to increased minimally invasive catheter based endovascular procedures. These procedures can be done using ultrasound ablation or radiofrequency ablation that is designed to treat hypertension (high blood pressure). For Market Research Report on “Renal Denervation Devices Market” Visit The features driving the renal denervation devices market are increasing uncontrolled hypertension incidences, permanent relief within short durations and huge research and developments in renal denervation. However, lack of awareness and absence of reimbursement regulations are likely to obstruct the market. The renal denervation devices market can be segmented into technologies, products and geographies. On the basis of technologies, the market can be divided into RF-RDN (radiofrequency based renal denervation systems), US-RDN (ultrasound based renal denervation systems) and micro infusion catheter- based renal denervation systems. The renal denervation devices market, on the basis of products, can be fragmented into V2 renal denervation systems, PARADISE (Percutaneous Renal Denervation Systems), EnligHTN multi-electrode renal denervation systems, symplicity renal denervation systems and surround sound renal denervation systems. Geographically, the renal denervation devices market includes North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and ROW (rest of the world). North America is witnessing huge growth as a result of growing cardiovascular diseases and approvals from the FDA (food and drug administration). It is followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is likely to observe steady growth for the renal denervation devices market. This is on account of rising diabetic diseases, geriatric population and improvements in medical and healthcare sectors in the region. Renal Denervation Devices Market Analysis Information Source: Grand View Research