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E-Waste Management Market Analysis - Size, Share, Trends and Market Forecast to 2022

E-waste or electronic waste refers to discarded electrical or electronic devices. Also, utilized electronics that meant for recovery, resale, reutilization and recycling are regarded as e-waste. The e-waste management market is witnessing decent growth. This is due to rapidly increasing disposable incomes and introduction of upgraded devices. For Market Research Report on “E-Waste Management Market” Visit - The pivotal factors driving the e-waste management market are decreased shelf life of electronic devices and rising U.S. and Europe laws with respect to e-waste management. However, huge recycling costs, lack of awareness regarding efficient recycling and shortage of proper e-waste collection centers are restraining the market. The e-waste management market can be segregated into material recoveries, sources and geographies. The market, on the basis of material recoveries, can be divided into glass, metals, plastics and others. The e-waste management market, on the basis of sources, can be categorized into entertainment, household appliances and IT & telecom. Household appliances can be divided further into air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. IT & telecom includes computers and mobile phones. Refrigerators from household appliances are the most discarded e-waste. Geographically, the e-waste management market can be fragmented into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and rest of the world (ROW). North America leads the market for exporting e-waste to developing countries, including Japan, China and India. Market players are now adopting measures to recycle electronic waste. This would help in reducing pollution and other environmental hazards. These players have also recycled used computers, TVs and refrigerators. This is due to innovations in existing devices. This factor propels further development of the e-waste management market. E-Waste Management Market Analysis Information Source: Grand View Research