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CMOS Image Sensors Market Size - Segmented Into Two Categories

Image sensors contain pixels or picture components. They record the descending light on them and change it into an equivalent number of electrons. They are then transformed into voltage and changed using an analog to digital convertor. The image sensors market was projected at around USD 6, 854 million in 2012. It was anticipated to have consignments worth about 1, 469 million units that year. For Market Research Report on “CMOS Image Sensors Market” Visit – Since image sensors are used in digital cameras, they are projected to undergo massive expansion in the coming years. Increased demand for personal electronics is estimated to expand the CMOS image sensors market on a worldwide level. Image sensors are of two kinds. They are complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors and charge coupled device. CMOS image sensors have many advantages and are better than their counterparts in many ways. These advantages are anticipated to drive demand for the CMOS image sensors market. This market was projected at near about USD 8 billion in 2013. It is predicted to increase to around USD 13 billion by 2018 and display about 10 percent CAGR during the forecast period. CMOS chips consist of A/D convertors and amplifiers, which leads to reduced price of the target camera. The worldwide CMOS image sensors market is divided further on the basis of geographical regions and applications. North America occupied about 35 percent of the total share in 2013 with regard to income. Asia Pacific is estimated to be the most speedily expanding CMOS image sensors market with around 7 percent projected CAGR during the forecast period. Increased infiltration of smart phones with secondary and primary cameras to facilitate various applications is predicted to drive development for the regional CMOS image sensors market. Consumer electronics are anticipated to be the biggest application sector in the future with regard to income and size. They occupied more than 50 percent of the worldwide demand for CMOS image sensors market in 2013. CMOS Image Sensors Market Size Information Source: Radiant Insights